Organize your calendar

Absence module

Employee calendars, defining working time or custom types of absences – everything you need to organize presences in your business.

Employee calendars

A schedule for employees allows for system setting of working hours or recurring days off. Assign employees once, and the system will automatically retrieve data for all individuals, even when you make changes.

Absence dimensions

Set absence dimensions and their settlement period. Choose whether unused resource will be carried over to the next cycle and in what quantity. Grant and withdraw days off as needed.

Absence reports

Monitor absences in your team or entire company. Retrieve reports on planned and taken leaves, sick leaves, or other company absences.

Check out how many types there are!

What do you think of when you read: company absences? Probably your first thought is paid time off, yet there are many more types in your company! Check out the examples below – they differ in both duration and settlement cycle.

Each type can be designed and automated with the module in emplo.




Custom Absence Types

What type of absence do you want to report?

Leave is not the only type of absence that occurs at work. With customizable types, you can independently determine all details. To automate the process, you can add a dimension and a group to which a specific item will belong.

Employee calendars

Manage the workweek wisely

In one company, people with different working hours can work. You will now systematize all these exceptions and organize them on your platform.

Employee calendars function pozwala na określenie dziennego wymiaru pracy oraz dni wolnych w tygodniu (np. soboty i niedziele). Wybierz także cykliczne dni wolne powtarzające się jak Nowy Rok lub pojedyczne, which will include movable holidays.

Kalendarz łączy się z profilem osób przypisanych do niego. Thanks to this functionality, you immediately know if the person you are looking for is at work.

Absence groups and dimensions

Easier and faster!

There are many types of absences, and you can enter each of them into emplo so that everyone or selected users can benefit from them. However, this may lead to chaos on the platform – to avoid it, we have prepared absence groups.

Each absence in the company also has its established dimension: sometimes it is paid leave, which is 20 or 26 days, or the possibility of using home office twice a month. You don’t have to remember to refresh or add them. Just designate the length and frequency to each type, and that’s it! The platform will automatically take care of assigning the right amount and types of absences to employees.

Intuitive absence reporting

Always and anywhere

Reporting absences could not be more intuitive. Regardless of which tab you are on in emplo, you will find a dedicated button at the bottom of the menu. This convenience will allow even those who are not proficient in computer systems to quickly and easily submit requests.

We want to provide users with maximum freedom in submitting requests, so you can also report absences using the mobile application. This is a perfect solution for companies where employees do not have access to work computers (factories, service and sales points), as well as in urgent cases, e.g., on-demand leave.

Corporate requests

Handle formalities easier

The module offers you the option to send a system request to supervisors and HR for approval and settlement of absences.

If you want to create an application, similar to paper versions – use corporate forms. By combining these two modules, you gain the ability to create dedicated absence sheets.

Is he/she today at work?

Are you wondering if the person you are trying to contact urgently is working today? By using the absence module, you don’t have to. Just find the employee’s profile, and you will see the appropriate status above their photo.

In emergency situations

Your employee does not have access to emplo due to unforeseen circumstances and needs to report an absence? No problem! Individuals with dedicated permissions (e.g. HR) can do it on their behalf. This way, you can complete the information in emplo, for example, during sick leave.

Plan ahead more conveniently!

Many organizations want to know in advance the leave plans of their employees. Ensure smooth operation of the company during critical periods, such as holidays or vacations. The annual leave plan feature allows adding planned leaves without the need to submit requests.

Join forces and integrate the platform

Is your organization using a system for absence management or requests? We can integrate it with emplo! Employees can use a convenient and intuitive panel on the platform, while HR can manage absences using other systems such as TETA.

Optimize processes in your company

Interested in process digitalization in your company? Absences are not the only area you can move to a virtual environment. Develop your emplo by adding more modules to it.

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