Are you looking for a tool that will not only improve communication but also speed up internal processes? Check out the value emplo will bring to your company.

Why emplo?

Streamlining processes

How many processes in your organization are currently conducted using paper forms or Excel files sent by email? emplo replaces them all with user-friendly online processes, giving you full control over their progress and effectiveness.

Clearing up communication

Notification on the phone screen, pop-up on the computer screen, email message – this is the effect of one article published in emplo. Welcome to a world where all communications reach employees from different departments and locations quickly and efficiently.

Achieving goals

Tools for setting goals, measuring their achievement, periodic evaluation and competencies, knowledge tests… All these tools gathered in one place allow for efficient management of employee effectiveness. As a result, your company more effectively achieves its business goals.


Knowledge distribution

The know-how of a company is created by the knowledge of its employees. In emplo, you gather materials, documents, good practices, and case studies in one place. Employees have easy access to them, and you can verify their knowledge level at any time using tests.


emplo offers ready-made mechanisms for submitting leave, HR, and administrative requests, as well as conducting various types of performance reviews. It only takes a few minutes to start using them. Over the course of a year, your organization saves hundreds of hours.

Streamlining processes

Every minute of your employee’s work can be translated into money. How much would your company gain if each of them saved a few hours per month? Even such savings can be generated by transferring internal communication and most processes to emplo.

Full GDPR compliance

Functionalities provided within the emplo platform fully comply with GDPR requirements. Our tools make it easy to fulfill employers' obligations arising from GDPR, related to anonymizing data of former employees, providing full data upon employee request, and obtaining consent for processing image.

Implementation - how simple it is!


Setting up the implementation schedule


Launching the platform and supplementing it with key company data


Transferring processes and supplementing the platform with content


Introducing employees to the emplo platform


Sharing the ready platform with all employees

What sets us apart?

Our experts have prepared many additional materials to help in adapting emplo in your company. You can use them in full, adjust them to your needs, or be inspired by them to create your own materials.

Let's integrate!

We believe that our tool can solve many problems, but we also value cooperation with others. At emplo, we understand the importance of collaboration among all systems used. That’s why we offer you not only our platform but also the possibility of integration with others.

If you want your instance to cooperate with an external system used by your company, contact us. Our IT department will propose the best solution and design it to be ready for operation – you don’t need to involve additional people.

Which areas do we integrate with other systems?

Attendance management

We integrate systems responsible for calculating leave days with our application module. An employee submits a request through emplo, and then - after the full approval process - it goes directly to the external system (TETA, Sage Symfonia ERP, etc.).

Login systems

We enable logging in through SSO systems with Active Directory and Google accounts.

HR requests

Do you have information or data on goals or requests in other systems? Not a problem! We also integrate these areas with our platform.

Webhook, API

We create part of the intranet consistent with other applications you need for your daily work.

Individual integrations

Do you want to integrate a completely different system? We can do that for you too! Contact us and let's discuss this!


Integrating eRecruiter!

Connect your ATS system with your instance. Take advantage of the opportunities that eRecruiter offers you in finding the right candidates, while automating the process of adding new employees to emplo. We will take care of the entire integration process so that your company can already benefit from a ready-made solution.

See how in 5 steps a candidate becomes a team member at emplo!

What can we do today for your company?

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