Forget about paperwork

Applications and corporate forms module

Move the whole process of form and application flow to virtual environment. Define acceptance stages and store documents in a secure space.

In the office and remote

Corporate application module is available in both desktop and mobile app versions. Now you can submit, accept, and track applications anytime.

Multi-stage acceptance

Forms in emplo can have multiple types of acceptance. You decide on the number or sequence of stages and the people making the decision.

Flexible forms

The designed wizard allows you to create any type of application. You can choose from up to 18 types of form fields and a customizable acceptance process.

Design the application or form you need

Are multi-stage applications used in your company, requiring a lot of commitment from employees? With this module, even forms requiring multiple levels of acceptance become simple and intuitive for everyone.

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for 95 percent, the corporate request submission process accelerates, as reported by Emplo’s clients using the Emplo platform.

Request creator

Elaborated in every detail

Each module administrator gains access to the corporate proposal wizard. You can replicate the paper documentation used in the organization or create completely new templates for employee use.

Creating requests

Manage acceptance process

When creating a request, you can program any number of approval stages. Decide who it goes to and who will review the form. Whether a decision follows the approval or just a confirmation and subsequent stages – the choice is yours.

Not all data in the form need to be available to other approvers. You can now design a request in which you decide what will be visible to the other people. Keep corporate secrets only for authorized personnel.

Mobile Application

Don't get stopped

emplo is a versatile tool for business. We understand modern needs and the fact that you may not always have access to a work computer. The mobile application, available for each instance, is a service that we continuously develop.

The Requests module allows you to submit forms, accept them, and check the status of processes in progress. Check the mobile application…

Automatic incrementation of requests

Maintain order in documents

Ensure organization of forms in the company. Automatic incrementation facilitates maintaining order among templates that are highly popular. Press one button, and all incoming requests from a given template will be numbered according to the selected pattern.

You can designate the first number yourself to maintain continuity when transferring documentation from paper form to virtual.

One click, one report

Generating reports with information has never been easier. In emplo, all it takes is one click. Decide whether it will be in .PDF or .XML format. You can prepare it from approved company requests or those submitted by you.

Connect with other systems

emplo is open to cooperation. If you use systems responsible for calculating absences or working hours, we can integrate it with our requests module to fully digitize processes in your company. Learn more about this…

Integrated with others modules

Corporate requests are a versatile tool that serves various purposes and seamlessly integrates with other modules such as Company Resources, Absences, or Preboarding. Thanks to these integrations, Emplo constitutes a comprehensive system that enhances human resource management and organizational processes on multiple levels.

Check it out! What you gain with the module!

Optimize processes in your company

Are you interested in digitizing processes in your company? Corporate requests are not the only aspect you can transfer to a virtual environment. Gradually develop the instance by adding more modules.

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Company resources

Manage corporate resources in a virtual environment. Add any items and assign dedicated employees.

» Possibility to specify the time of assignment and retrieval.
» Requesting retrieval and assignment of resources. (with the requests module).
» Defining access levels and permissions. 

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Want to work in a satisfied and motivated team? Ask employees for feedback! With the module, you can prepare surveys and opinion polls.

» Cyclical and one-time surveys.
» 19 types of possible questions.
» 4 ready survey and research templates.

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Manage absences in the company. Create your own types, monitor the number of available days, and submit requests for approval.

» Requesting allocation of days off (with the requests module)
» Configurable employee calendars.
» Automatic calculation of days off based on the calendar.

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