Manage materials more efficiently in the organization

Corporate resources module

Take care of company-owned items. Organize a list with all the information in one place. Solve resource administration-related issues through digitization and automation

Reserve resources

By assigning resources to a specific person, you can set the date for their allocation. If you choose a future date, other people will see a note that the resource will be in use.

Set access levels

As a resource administrator, you can assign different types of access. Easier management of objects such as company cards or company cars.

Submit requests

Join forces! With a dedicated module, you can create requests to allocate or withdraw resources. Report your needs more easily using practical forms.

List of resources

Everything in one place

The key point of the module is the list of corporate resources. You will find information about the item, whether it is still in use, and to which department or point it is assigned.

From this level, you can assign resources to employees, set deadlines, and retrieve them. You can check who is the custodian of the materials, who is currently using them, and also the history of previous actions.

List of assignments

Who, when, and for how long

If you wonder who besides Anna from reception has access to the company keys, check the list of assignments!

You can create a list of resources even in a simple document, but it will never be as clear! On the list of assignments, you will find information about all the resources and the people they have been assigned to – including a custom comment regarding the assignment.

Types of resources

Limited access

At the request of our clients, we have created functionality that defines the types of granted accesses and permissions. You can individually add a type of resource to each item. Assigning any value enables you to use the options tailored to the company’s needs.

Corporate requests

Handle formalities easier

emplo is a platform created with multiple modules. You can use them individually, utilizing only a part of the capabilities, but you will achieve the best results by combining different functions into one tool. With the Corporate Forms Module, you can also request the allocation or revocation of resources using customized templates.

Explore other features

Resource supervisor

Assign one person responsible for the resource. You can do this automatically by adding the position individually or by adding another person to an existing one.

Support during offboarding

Terminating a contract requires appropriate formalities. The Resources module will generate a list of all materials assigned to a specific profile during the deactivation of the account. This way, you can easily and efficiently check which items need to be settled with the employee.

In accordance with the regulations

Together with the Consents and Confirmations module, you can gain additional functionality. It allows you to require, for example, familiarization with the regulations for using a company payment card.

Preview on the card

Each person has a constant view of the resources assigned to them. You will find all the information on the employee card.


Decide whether the employee has access to all company resources, will have the ability to create their own, or will only be able to view assigned ones.

Assignment History

Has the item been damaged? You can check in the history who had access to it before

Find more ways to improve your business

Are you interested in digitalizing processes in the company? Corporate applications are not the only aspect you can move to a virtual environment. Gradually develop the platform by adding more modules to it.

Check out what other clients have chosen…

Approvals and confirmations

Forget about collecting signatures from employees to confirm their familiarization with the regulations or consent to the use of their image. Now you can do it with emplo!

» Versioning of consents.
» Reports on consents per employee and per consent.
» Expressing consents when allocating resources.

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Want to work in a satisfied and motivated team? Ask employees for feedback! With the module, you can prepare surveys and opinion polls.

» Cyclical and one-time surveys.
» 19 types of possible questions.
» 4 ready survey and research templates.

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Company requests and forms

Create any application template that you can use at work. Add comments and approval stages. Forget about paper versions!

» Full automation of the documentation flow process.
» Possibility of multi-stage approval of entire applications or their parts.
» 17 ready-to-use templates.

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