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Competency assessment module

Everyone can boast a catalog of competencies they have mastered, but does the rest of the team think the same? Find out using an automated process.

Advanced evaluation schemes

The evaluation scheme creation wizard provides full control over the research process. Define all details from the frequency of the survey to the type of report template.

Open question library

Want to gain even more information during the assessment? Use the library! You can place any question tailored to your organization there.

Multi-source assessment

Quick evaluation for a 1:1 conversation, or maybe a comprehensive summary after a year of work? With emplo, you can prepare any type of evaluation, including a 360+ assessment!

Most advanced evaluations in emplo

The competency assessment module is one of the most advanced tools offered by emplo. Developed in cooperation with experienced HR specialists specializing in conducting work quality surveys. Automation occurs right during the creation of the template. You can use pre-prepared elements such as: open questions, competency library or report type. Additionally, the system will match the appropriate employees – you just need to indicate the evaluating groups!

Evaluation scheme

Set achievement criteria

Automation involves using ready-made scenario-schemes that allow machines to replace us in daily, tedious work. At emplo, we value the time of specialists, so we want you to focus only on what is most important – the evaluation scheme. Once created, it will be used for various surveys of different employees.

What will you find in the assessment schema?

Custom report templates.

Create reports exactly as you need them.

Do you want to prepare a report that will impress the entire board? Don’t waste time overnight – configure it in emplo! You have a choice of up to 10 elements , that you can place in any order. Add the appropriate scale and description, and the report practically creates itself! Additionally, it is you – the creator who decides who will receive it.

Enrich your report with:

Dynamic assessment form.

And what if the assessment could create itself?

Your organization has 500 employees, each with different competencies assigned to their position? This means you need to prepare hundreds of different sheets to conduct a professional assessment. Not with emplo!

The platform allows you to create one universal template. How does it work? The system automatically assigns competencies to the evaluation, based on the position data held by the employee. Automatically – simple as that!

90° Evaluation

Employee evaluation prepared by the supervisor.

180° Evaluation

2 sources of information: employee and supervisor

270° Evaluation

The assessment involves: supervisor, colleagues, and employee. 

360° Evaluation

Full assessment covering employees, colleagues, subordinates, and superiors. 

360+ Evaluation

The scheme offers a survey conducted among all groups of employees with a 360° evaluation + people outside the organization.

360+ Evaluation

Ask people from outside the company!

We know that the collaboration of some employees extends beyond the company in which we are employed, also to others – beyond the structures of our business. Therefore, we want to provide you with the most objective answers by adding the 360+ evaluation option.

What is the 360+ evaluation about? You can also invite people outside emplo and the organization! The supervisor or HR designates an additional group that receives an email asking for their opinion. With emplo, you can do more!

Anonymous responses

No employee needs to worry when evaluating their supervisor – all responses remain anonymous. Both responses to open and closed questions with a scale will not be signed with the name of the respondent.

Assessment Final

Summarize the entire evaluation clearly. This function allows the supervisor to make a final decision based on the data collected in the questionnaire and the prepared scale.

Final evaluation can be system-supported by suggesting grades based on averaged results.

Notifications for employees

Don’t miss the moment of filling in the sheets. All employees involved in the evaluation, both as evaluators and those being evaluated, will receive a task assigned to their profile. You will find it in the tab marked with a flag and on the employee’s card.  

Evaluations in emplo? Recipe for success!

Competency assessment module is much more comprehensive – that’s why we have presented only a few of its most important features that distinguish it from others. Check out a brief summary and see how much it can do for you!

Competence module

Before you start the evaluation, prepare for it!

Do you want to assess employees’ competencies? Ensure advanced preparation of the platform! emplo offers you a dedicated module that includes a database of 70 positions created by HR specialists. Assign specific requirements to individual positions and create personalized scales that will allow you later to create a true ‘dream team’ in your organization based on the competencies of your employees!

What else can we do for your company?

Expand your company’s capabilities by moving processes and key aspects to the virtual environment. A multifunctional emplo platform, will assist you in these endeavors, allowing you to customize it according to your business needs. Choose any modules from the internal communication, process digitalization and employee development management areas.

Check out which modules our clients have chosen…

Individual Development Plan

Don't look for new employees - take care of the current ones! Design an individual path for each of them.

» Identifying areas for improvement.
» 10 types of development activities.
» Development budget dashboard for employees.

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Prepare employees for the new: both those starting their careers in your organization and more experienced ones.

» 4 types of tasks to perform.
» Automatic invitation of new employees.
» Possibility of completing the process in a mobile application.

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Knowledge Tests

Verify employees' knowledge and competencies using knowledge tests.

»4 types of questions and unlimited number of items in the sheet.
» Question and test libraries.
» Question mixing function.

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