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Competence module

Do you want employees in your company who truly offer a high level of performance? Ensure the verification of their professional competencies.

Match to position

You can directly assign competencies to each position. This way, you can better verify if a person meets the expectations for the position they hold.

You're not starting from scratch!

By adding this module to your instance, you don't have to worry about the start! We offer you a base of 70 competencies along with descriptions prepared by our experts.

A step towards evaluations

Preparing the right foundation in the form of a competency base and complementing positions with them is a good start to independently preparing competency assessments. With emplo, you will do it even easier!

Competencies - why they are crucial for your company?

A well-matched team is an essential element for achieving high business results. Assign tasks according to the capabilities your employees offer. Assess the level of competencies of each individual. Dedicated indicators and scales will allow you to assess situations skillfully and professionally in each team.

What does the competence card look like in emplo?

This module was developed to facilitate the creation of periodic evaluations and competencies  for employees. All competencies have their own dashboard with information. What is included in the card?


Precisely describes what is behind the competency name.

Competence group

A way to quickly group competencies according to the type of position, e.g. managerial.


Describes what aspects an employee must fulfill.


Determines the way competencies are assessed according to the scheme planned by the administrator.

In which areas are employee competencies applicable?

The module is a tool aimed at HR departments. It facilitates managing employee development at different stages of their careers. Find out why it’s worth expanding the instance with the competencies module.


Analyze organizational needs by assigning competencies to positions. Select appropriate recruitment tools to identify the best candidate.

Performance Management

Evaluate competencies and work results - to create a simple competency assessment model, it's worth using a dedicated module. Check...


Match salary ranges and allocate bonuses based on the competencies of employees.

Career Path

Set advancement goals in terms of fulfilling and achieving specific competencies.

Competency Library

The whole collection in one place

As an emplo administrator, you have access to the competency library. You will find all positions prepared by emplo and the ability to add your own, which are essential for the proper functioning of your company. For easier searching, divide them into groups such as personality, managerial, or sales.

Competency Assessment Scale

Assess possibilities

Each competency must not only have an indicator but also a scale that will define whether the employee meets the requirements and at what level.

Administrator employee gains the possibility to create their own scale – it can be created individually for each competence. When creating, you have a choice of 5 types and unlimited number of configurations.


Select the best of the best

What characterizes a specific position? The competences that each person occupying it realizes. To make it even easier and more precise to manage teams, we have created in emplo the possibility to add competences to the position held and determine the expected level according to a previously prepared scale.

Assigning competencies

No ambiguities

Chcesz, aby pracownik wiedział dokładnie, czego oczekuje od niego firma? Of course, yes! Podstawą komunikacji w firmie jest zrozumienie dla celów, a jednym z nich jest stworzenie odpowiedniego grona osób dążących do kolejnych osiągnięć. By using this module, all employees gain the ability to preview the expected competences and their level dedicated to the position they hold.

Build a competence base in emplo!

What else can we do for your company?

Expand your company’s capabilities by moving processes and key aspects to the virtual environment. A  multifunctional emplo platformwill assist you in these endeavors, allowing you to customize it according to your business needs. Choose any modules from the internal communication, process digitalization and employee development management areas.

Check out which modules our clients have chosen…

Competency Evaluation

Create a harmonious tool together with the competency module. Conduct evaluations without the involvement of external companies, tailored to the needs of your company.  

» Assessments: 360°, 270°, 180° and 90°.
» Fully customizable assessment reports.
» Library of open-ended questions for use in multiple assessments.  

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Search for employees for specific tasks based on their skills.

» Grupy umiejętności.
» Corporate and qualification skills.
» Ability to confirm skills on an employee's card.

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Goal Evaluation

Prepare goal summaries for employees using an automated tool.

» Assessments: 360°, 270°, 180° and 90°.
» Configurable schemes for reuse.
» Parameters for summarizing goals.

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