Create a company community!

Discussion group module

Build relationships among employees by creating a space for conversations and sharing information.

Public or private?

Decide whether the content posted in the group can be accessible to everyone or only selected users.

Shorter and longer publications

Add short posts with key information or create longer articles conveying comprehensive knowledge.

Formal groups or social communities

Choose which groups employees must join. You can also design those that only enthusiastic individuals can join, such as language training.

A cohesive community!

Corporate social portal? It’s easy with emplo! This module allows you to create many different types of groups that gather users. You can exchange important work-related information or use it as a place for social discussions on any topic.



Company news

Personnel information

Recruitment announcements

For new employees


Stock Exchange

Language Courses

Sports Activities

Lunch Offers

After Hours

Two Publication Formats

Choose how you want to publish!

What is most important in all social groups? The messages posted in them! With emplo, you have two types available:

Short pieces of information that you can enrich with emoticons, galleries, or additional attachments.

Longer content allowing full formatting, adding headers, cover images, or embedding files.

Permissions in discussion groups

Decide who can add messages

You can choose the type of group you create: whether it will be just a message board or a lively place full of active users. With one setting, you can decide who will be able to publish in a given group:


For Admins Only Your message

Create a private space where only selected members will be able to share important, company-related information. Share confidential data, charts, or reports without worrying that unauthorized employees will have access to them. Such a group not only hides messages but also remains inaccessible to unauthorized members.


Voluntary and mandatory

Do you want to ensure that certain information definitely reaches employees? Use the feature of mandatory groups, from which there is no possibility of unsubscribing. Do you want to treat discussion groups as a place to improve communication and relationships with a light tone, not only on company topics? Create groups with the voluntary option of joining!  

Discussion group statistics

Encourage noteworthy content!

Monitor how popular your group is. In each of them, you will find statistics with data on visit frequency, number of messages, likes, and comments. Check, maybe it’s worth changing something so that users visit it more willingly.

Mobile Application

Not just for desk workers

Is your team not using work computers in their daily work? With emplo, this is not an obstacle! Groups are also available in the mobile application. All users can use it for free anytime and anywhere. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

Grupa dyskusyjna firmowa aplikacja na telefon

Get to know emplo better

One subscription, more possibilities!

News is one of the modules in the internal communication area, accessible to all emplo users as part of the basic subscription! You don’t have to pay anything extra. Want to learn more details about emplo?

What else can we do for your company?

Internal communication is the basis for the proper functioning of every business. Without proper information sharing, no, not even the best, business plan has a chance of success. In the era of hybrid and remote work, ensure an adequate level of digitalization in the company by creating a dedicated online space with emplo.

Discover also other areas: digitalization of processes and employee management and development. Dedicated modules will allow you to expand your platform according to your needs. Combine social network functions with the intranet in one tool.


Implement a modern employee motivation system. Opt for positive reinforcement with a dedicated module that enables granting kudos in the organization.

» Library of 10 ready-to-use badges.
» Custom kudos creation wizard.
» Information about awarded badges on user profiles.  

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Company requests and forms

Create any type of request template that you can use in your work. Add comments and approval stages. Forget about paper versions! 

» Full automation of the documentation circulation process.
»Ability to multi-stage approve entire requests or their parts.
» 17 ready-to-use templates.

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Periodic Review

Prepare an optimized work efficiency assessment. Take care of employee development and plan their future using practical assessment materials.

» Assessments: 90°, 180°, 270°, 360° and 360+.
» Automatic employee performance reports and assessment progress.
» Questionnaire wizard with 9 question types. 

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