Remote Training? Absolutely!

E-learning Module

Move all courses to emplo! Create an educational hub for all employees. Discover how easy it is to educate at work.

Staging of Trainings

You can divide each training into stages. Decide how long it will last. You can individually adjust the time for each of the steps.

SCORM Files Support

Are you using ready-made trainings? Implement them on emplo! You can connect several ready-made trainings into one large process enriched with additional elements!

Process Automation

You don't have to remember to add new employees to the training! All newly hired individuals can be automatically added to the appropriate course.

e-learning now on emplo!

Remote Training Tool

Sharing knowledge in large organizations or distributed teams can be difficult, sometimes even impossible. Use a ready-made tool that will help you create entire processes fully remotely! emplo’s new module effectively replaces external solutions. Gather all processes on one platform!

szkolenia dla pracowników

SCORM Files Support

Add any training to the e-learning process

Are you using ready-made materials created by e.g. headquarters or an external company? Great! Now you just need to implement them on emplo! The e-learning module allows you to upload ready-made trainings in the simplest way — drag & drop. Any SCORM file will be added to the training process.

Many functions in one place

Combine emplo's capabilities!

Do you want to create your own e-learning training program for the organization? emplo provides tools to help you achieve this goal! While preparing the process, you can add not only ready SCORM files but also use 3 other types of tasks:

Reach for previously prepared articles contained in the company’s knowledge base.

Article read? Let’s check what you managed to remember! Test your knowledge with ready-made forms that you will design yourself!

Did you enjoy the training? Which element of e-learning was most useful? Or perhaps you prefer to check what expectations employees have before the course? You can ask these and many other questions in the survey sheet added to the e-learning process.

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E-learning stages

Divide learning into stages!

Not every employee can afford to take a break from work for a 7-hour training – we understand this perfectly at emplo. Each stage has a set number of days for completion, but you don’t have to complete all tasks at once!

The completed exercise is saved in the system so that you can return to the stage where the e-learning was finished last time at any time.

Wykonane ćwiczenie jest zapisane w systemie, tak aby móc powrócić w dowolnym momencie do etapu, w którym zakończony został e-learning poprzednim razem.

e-learning - automatyczne zaproszenia

Invitations? emplo will send them for you!

Do you want to create an onboarding training for new employees? Great idea! With emplo, you can automate the process of adding people with just one click! Prepare a custom message, and new individuals will receive an email notification about being assigned to the training.


Easy access for everyone

On the profile, you will find all the important information about the employee, including a dedicated tab with assigned courses. Quick access allows you to go directly from the profile to the training.

How can we help your organization?

Enhance your company’s capabilities by moving processes and communication to a digital environment. The versatile emplo platform will assist you in these efforts, allowing you to customize it according to your business needs. Choose any modules from the areas of internal communication, process digitization and employee development management. Discover what other modules our clients have chosen…


Publicly congratulate, appreciate, or thank! Introduce a culture of kudos in your organization! This small gesture means a lot!

» Library of 10 ready-made badges.
» Creator for adding custom kudos.
» Information on the profile about received kudos.

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Company requests and forms

Create any type of request template that you can use in your work. Add comments and approval stages. Forget about paper versions! 

» Full automation of the documentation circulation process.
» Ability to multi-stage approve entire requests or their parts.
» 17 ready-to-use templates.

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Competence assessment

Create a tool that allows assessing competency levels. Conduct assessments tailored to the organization without the involvement of external companies.

» Assessments: 360°, 270°, 180°, and 90°.
» Fully customizable assessment reports.
» Library of open questions to be used in multiple assessments.

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