Efficiency management and employee development

Does Performance Management take a lot of your time? Do you not want to involve external experts in the processes? Save time and money – with emplo managing performance becomes very easy.

Lead effective top-down communication

Organize information about employees.

Do you want to easily conduct periodic, post-project, or post-internship evaluations?

Do you want your company to develop in a specific direction? Identify the competences that employees must have.

Take care of qualifications and knowledge of employees

The flexible and user-friendly creator will help you create any test in just a few steps. Decide whether it should be available to all employees or only selected departments or individuals. Specify the scoring rules, question type, and number.

Launch the test and monitor results in real time – it’s really simple!

Achieve even more by managing efficiency

emplo is an HR platform with a unique structure. Why? Because we adapt to your needs – not the other way around. This is made possible by modules, which are individual elements creating a common whole.

All modules are divided into 3 areasprocess digitalizationinternal communication, and efficiency management.

Not sure which items to choose? Contact us – our specialists will advise you on the best instance configuration.

The area of performance management and employee development includes:

Goals and Metrics

You will find, among other things, company goal schemes and cascading. You can create tasks for both the company and the employee, and monitor them in real-time.
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Goal Evaluation

Introduce a feedback culture in the organization! Check and evaluate employees' goal achievement using ready questionnaires and metrics.
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Periodic Review

Prepare an optimized performance assessment. Take care of employee development and plan their future using practical assessment materials.
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Competency Evaluation

Verify the level of employees' competencies. Assess their level using evaluation modules that you can create yourself with the help of a convenient creator.
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Even better manage the work of people in the company. Save required corporate competencies along with descriptions or use 70 ready examples.
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Search for employees for specific tasks based on their skills. Confirm colleagues' skills and categorize them into appropriate groups.
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Individual Development Plan for Employees

Select and plan development actions, apply for funding, and optimize the development process.
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Knowledge Tests

Develop your own tests to check employees' knowledge in various areas. Add them to onboarding processes, post-training, and more.
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Knowledge Base

Create a company knowledge base by placing articles in planned categories. Decide whether they will be private or public.
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Check the salary history of yourself or the team you manage. Are you working in accounting? Use the report concerning all employees.
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Create individual tasks for yourself and team members. Specify the time for completion and the persons responsible for supervision. Manage work better, time - achieve better results!


NEW! Design an e-learning path tailored to the organization's needs. Combine the capabilities of different modules, add external SCORM files, and link them to offline events to achieve the best results.
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