Automate the process of transferring information

Goal assessment module

Conducting task performance assessment has never been easier! Prepare a template that you will use repeatedly to verify the quality of goal fulfillment in the organization.

Prepare once and shorten the process to the maximum

You can reuse each assessment template multiple times. Once prepared, it serves as the basis for all conducted studies. Minimize the workload to a minimum!

Goal parameters

Determine parameters that will decide who is assigned to a specific goal, what period it concerns, and whether the employee has the ability to influence it.

Multi-source research

emplo's assessment modules are extensive enough to provide you with sheets not only for 1:1 feedback but also for multi-source research.

You decide whom to engage!

Goals and Metrics

Lay the foundations, define business goals

To conduct an assessment, you need to prepare goals in advance that will undergo review. In emplo, we give you the opportunity to arrange the platform in advance, thanks to the division into multiple modules.

Dedicated to goals and metrics provides tools for clearly setting tasks for individual employees, teams, and the entire organization.

Prepare assessment templates and parameters once – use them throughout the entire emplo usage! Minimize the time needed to conduct feedback processes regarding task performance in your organization to the maximum.

Goal assessment schema

Heart of every sheet

The schema is the most important element of every assessment run. You only create it once to then significantly shorten the process of conducting surveys among employees. You limit the preparation to just one window!

What will you find in the assessment schema?

Goal parameter

Prepare the employee for feedback

The parameter in emplo allows defining the most important information regarding the assessment schema, and also enables assigning individuals to the appropriate assessment system. By designing the parameter once, you automate the process of each subsequent assessment launch.

Based on it, you will determine:

Goal Assessment Scale

A common measure

Scales are a functionality in emplo that you will use in many tasks. They help to determine appropriate parameters in competencies, questionnaire-based assessment, competency reports and and goal assessment. In this module, the administrator can create an individual scale based on one of 4 types:
  • Percentage scale
  • Numeric scale
  • Descriptive-percentage scale
  • Descriptive-numeric scale
The goal assessment scale allows for standardizing performance reviews. The questionnaire administrator selects only one of them, significantly speeding up the completion of the form. emplo offers up to 12 ready-made scales prepared by an external company specializing in HR tools for use on the platform.

Automatic assessment report

Don't waste time on reporting!

After completing the goal assessment, each user has the possibility to preview their results on the employee’s card. The full scope and simple structure facilitate reading and analyzing the results. Need to report on the results to superiors outside the platform? Use the PDF print function.

Assessment scheme: visibility of stages

Decide on availability

Goal assessment in emplo is transparent. This means that individuals with the appropriate permissions assigned to a specific scheme can view other employees’ responses. If you want to control access to ensure reliable results, you can do so through scheme settings! You decide what others will see.

You can create a locked template to obtain the most reliable result or create a fully transparent model where everyone can access others’ responses. 

Assessment Final assessment and proposals

Summarize the entire assessment clearly. This function allows the supervisor to make a final decision based on the data collected in the survey and the prepared scale. You can also activate the assessment proposal feature for other participating employees.

Section Managerial

Create a sheet element not available for evaluation employee at any stage. Communicate information confidentially between managers and team leaders.

Mixed assessment

More than goal assessment...

Do you want to conduct a comprehensive, multi-level employee assessment? Use the mixed assessment feature. It is available to all emplo administrators who have at least two evaluation modules activated on their platform.

Collect in one sheet the periodic and competency or goal evaluation. You can freely combine them to create the best tool for verifying employee achievements and planning their further development.

See how you can expand emplo!

Expand your company’s capabilities by moving processes and key aspects to the virtual environment. A multifunctional emplo platform will assist you in these endeavors, allowing you to customize it according to your business needs. Choose any modules from the internal communication, process digitalization and employee development management areas. Check out which modules our clients have chosen…

Prepare goal summaries for employees using an automated tool.

» Multi-source and traditional assessments.
» Additional decisions when assessing, e.g., promotion, salary increase.
» Customizable parameters for goal planning and summarizing processes.

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Introduce a new employee into the organizational structure in a systematic and harmonious way - step by step, or plan a training path for those already working. 

» Process automation.
» Notifications on the user profile.
» 3 types of tasks to complete. 

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Periodic Review

Prepare an optimized work efficiency assessment. Take care of employee development and plan their future using practical assessment materials.

» Assessments: 90°, 180°, 270°, 360° and 360+.
» Automatic employee performance reports and assessment progress.
» Questionnaire wizard with 9 question types. 

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