Set goals and achieve success!

Module of goals
and indicators

Check the business status by verifying the implementation of goals organized in one harmonious space on the platform.

Cascading goals

Set goals in a cascading model. Individual employee goals will impact larger tasks set for entire teams, and even companies.

Harmonious duo

To make a goal measurable, it needs an appropriate indicator that will show its implementation. In emplo, you decide how they will look.

Automation of reporting

Each employee goal belonging to your team goes to a special tab. With just one click, you can generate a report for, e.g., a presentation for the board.

Achieve goals and take your business to the top!

Every organization must have a defined path and KPIs to measure the level of development. With the module on the platform, you will better organize both indicators and goals in one place. You can observe progress and react as needed.

Dedicated tab provides constant access to information at any time. As a team leader, you will see how your subordinates are doing, and even the whole company with a plan for a specific period.

Individual, team, and company goals

From small tasks to big goals!

Every emplo user has the option to manage their goals and indicators of achievement. It’s up to the employee whether it will be a big annual goal, such as achieving a certain number of business contracts, or a smaller one like getting ready for a Thursday conference.

Team leaders can also set specific goals for teams, and authorized persons even for the company. The preparation process is the same as for individual goals, making it intuitive and easy to use.

Personal indicators

Set achievement criteria

To achieve a goal, you need to know what determines its achievement. On the platform, you define both goals and metrics independently according to the organization’s needs. When creating a new goal to achieve, choose the appropriate KPI. The user can choose from the following metrics:

You independently decide on the minimum, expected, and above expected levels. Additionally, if one of the designated KPIs is more important than the others, you can assign custom weights to all metrics.

Cascading goals

Waterfall or cascading model

On the platform, you will design task paths not only for employees and teams they work in. One of the most important functions is cascading goals. How does it work? By fulfilling their tasks, an employee also fulfills the organization’s assumptions, for example, a salesperson selling a contract increases the company’s projected profit.

By arranging goals in a cascade, you manage work even better from the bottom of the structure. Employees feel more motivated to achieve them when they see their actual contribution to the organization’s development.  

Goal report

Top-level work organization

For every supervisor, regardless of the level, automation and acceleration of processes related to reporting information about their team are essential. emplo automatically generates a report on employees in a .XLS file format which you can then present at a meeting

See how much you gain!

The goals and metrics module is much more than you expect! Find out why it’s worth adding it to the tools used in your company.

Goal Evaluation

Introduction to work evaluation

One of the more demanding tasks in the HR area is preparing an employee evaluation. Processes related to it can be long and demanding. In order to minimize preparation time, we offer our users 3 modules: questionnaire assessment, competency assessment, and goals and metrics assessment.

By choosing this module, you gain access to an environment that allows for quick creation of assessment schemes among employees.

Explore the goals assessment module.

What else can we do for your company?

Expand your company’s capabilities by moving processes and key aspects to the virtual environment. A multifunctional emplo platform will assist you in these endeavors, allowing you to customize it according to your business needs. Choose any modules from the internal communication, process digitalization, and employee development management areas. Check out which modules our clients have chosen…

Competency Evaluation

Create a harmonious tool together with the competency module. Conduct evaluations without the involvement of external companies, tailored to the needs of your company.  

» Assessments: 360°, 270°, 180° and 90°.
» Fully customizable assessment reports.
» Library of open-ended questions for use in multiple assessments.  

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Goal Evaluation

Prepare goal summaries for employees using an automated tool.

» Assessments: 360°, 270°, 180° and 90°.
» Configurable schemes for reuse.
» Parameters for summarizing goals.

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Search employees for specific tasks based on their skills.

» Skill groups.
» Corporate and qualification skills.
» Ability to confirm skills on an employee's card.

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