Every employee is equally important!

Individual Development Plans Module

Design a customized career path for each employee. Develop key skills and competencies to achieve greater efficiency within the team.

Development actions

Conferences, online training, industry events, or publications? What action will you add to your plan? With Emplo, you have unlimited possibilities!

Areas for improvement

Zdecyduj, jakie obszary wymagają poprawy oraz jasno określ oczekiwane efekty. Wytyczaj ścieżkę rozwoju, która poprawi Twój biznes!

Development budgets

Assign individual budgets to employees, which they can use within the IPR. Workshops on assertiveness, or perhaps additional English language courses?

Reward and appreciate

The module has been designed in line with the latest HR trends.

The plan serves as a guideline for further self-development for each person in the organization. It enables the implementation of corrective actions as well as those responsible for further skills development. In the IPR creator, you will find fields related to employees’ strengths, aspirations, and needs.

Appreciate and reward your employees!

Development areas

What else is worth improving?

English proficiency, CRM usage, assertiveness, or perhaps more effective sales? Decide what area will be chosen for improvement. Refer to the previously prepared skills or competencies base or enter the chosen element yourself. Specify the expected outcome so that there is no doubt about the employee’s goal.

Development actions creator

Take the challenge! Start taking action!

Areas for improvement identified? It’s time to take on the challenge! The advanced creator allows you to choose from 10 types of development activities. The company can individually prepare dedicated training for each employee, which will be added as an element of Individual Development Plan.  Among the types of development activities, you will find 🢂

Independent work

Check how others are handling the competencies you expect from them. Create a cycle of activities that will allow them to work independently on further development. Additional presentations, briefing discussions in front of the whole team? There are many ways!

Development task

A simple way to test employees' essential knowledge. It works well during onboarding and as a periodic element of employee evaluation.

Training / workshops

Are you planning a foreign language training, or are you focusing on soft skills workshops? Choose this tab!

Coaching / mentoring

Meeting an inspiring person can be the best solution to boost morale! Choose mentoring training for managerial staff and see how your business grows!

Internal development program

Specialists in your organization share knowledge with younger employees? Great! Take advantage of this feature by creating IPR. 

Development budgets

Better financial management

Reward employees for their contribution to the company’s success! You can do this through the allocated development budget! IPR is not only motivation to catch up on backlog but also support for the best. Determine the budget, that employees can manage as part of development activities.

Development and education

Harmonious task structure

Want to have everything under control? Information about development activities and budgets can be found not only in IDP. Dedicated tabs allow for a quick look at completed and planned tasks. You can verify if the budget has not been exceeded and how it has been used.

Draw from multiple sources

Various pieces of information are used to create an individual development plan. The foundation can be a discussion with a supervisor, a periodic evaluation, or the outcome of goal achievement. With Emplo, you manage resources independently. You will find them in the administrative settings. If a specific example is missing from the prepared set, enter it yourself!

Events developmental

Article, meeting, or conference – together, indicate which of them enable the achievement of the set goal. Developmental events that you schedule in your calendar will automatically be available as an IPR element. You will find all the data in one place, as with development activities.

Discover the benefits of implementing Individual Development Plans in the company!

Discover other modules

emplo is a platform consisting of many modules that you can customize according to your company’s needs. Check the rest to get to know and expand the capabilities of your instance.

Goal Evaluation

Automated conducting of periodic evaluations without involving external companies? With Empleo, it's easy!

» Evaluation templates saved in a library for reuse.
» Ability to conduct multi-source evaluations.
» Goal parameters determining the evaluation frequency, goal editing during the process, and the possibility of exceeding the plan.

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One of the most versatile modules on emplo. Conduct surveys on any topic - streamline employee communication and efficiency.

» Designing one-time and cyclical surveys.
» Full anonymity of responses or access for all participants.
» Survey wizard with 19 question types.

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Assess the level of professional competencies among employees and take care of their development.

» A base of 70 competencies ready for use.
» Function of assigning competencies to positions.
» Unlimited number of competency assessment scale configurations. 

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