Short, fast and to the point!

Instant feedback

Don’t wait! Say it right away! Improve team communication by sending short messages available immediately on the user’s profile.

For the interested only

Provide feedback safely. All content posted through the module is only available to the recipient and sender.

Positive, negative, or maybe neutral?

The module offers 4 color-coded designations corresponding to the type of feedback. Determine the nature of your message.

Multilevel communication

Every employee can provide feedback to any emplo user: both superiors and members of other teams.

Constant emplo-style feedback!

Introduce a feedback culture

Feedback is one of the basic tools used for team management. However, you don’t always want to organize a meeting to convey a short message. That’s why we created a practical tool for instant sharing of opinions –instant feedback. Short notes placed on the employee’s profile appear immediately to the person being evaluated.

Better communication

Better communication

You create a constant and always available communication channel providing feedback on the work being done.

Dynamic style

Dynamic style

Quick and efficient! That's how the instant feedback module works. You can send just one sentence at lightning speed. Don't wait until the next meeting!

Faster response

Faster response

Short messages enable faster response for managers and leaders in situations that require it. Don't wait! Send a note!



Instead of wasting time on prolonged meetings about a single issue, opt for feedback that gets to the heart of the matter.

Multilevel communication

Feedback in every direction!

The functionality allows for message transmission not only down the structure, but to all users in the organization. Improve the quality of internal communication and strengthen employee engagement through regular feedback!

Simple operation and intuitive markings

Decide on the contents on the employee card

Adding a note is extremely easy. Users have a simple text editor available to publish content. What can you include in it? Everything! From information about task status, through congratulations after completion, to comments on performance. Each feedback can be marked according to type:

What if you consider feedback to be incorrect or unfair? After sending the message, you can accept or delete it. Want to clarify the situation? Use the commenting function. Each of them can also be enriched with a file or gallery.

Confidential feedback delivery

Ensure privacy

Feedback should be constructive and honest. However, this does not always mean only positive messages. Therefore, our module is designed so that only the sender and the recipient have access to them. Only the employee can check all the information provided to them on their profile.

Message archive

Organized list

A message can quickly become outdated. What to do in such a situation? Use the archive! Divide notes into two sections: current and archived. By moving feedback from one category to the other, the recipient and the sender do not lose access to them. The function helps maintain order and organization in the information.

Get to know emplo better

Benefit from the start!

nstant feedback is one of the modules that every platform user has access to! emplo offers up to 6 modules in the area of internal communication as part of the basic subscription. There are no additional costs for you!

See how it works in practice!

What else can we do for your company?

emplo is a multifunctional tool for companies. We offer a range of solutions in the HR, administration, and beyond. Find out how you can expand your platform with additional modules. Choose from: internal communication, digitization of processes, or employee management and development. Need functionality from each of them? No problem with emplo!

Discussion groups

Internal company communication is key to success. Support it with discussion groups. Choose any topics – those related to work, but not only!  

» Automatic addition of members to selected groups.
» Private and public groups.
» Ability to add posts, articles, and even files!

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Company resources

Manage company resources remotely. Add any items and assign them to dedicated employees. Manage the organization's assets more easily.

» Ability to specify the time of assignment and receipt.
» Requesting and assigning resources. (with the requests module)
» Defining access levels and permissions.

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Create clear training paths tailored to both entry-level and more experienced employees.  

» Support for SCORM files.
» Automatic assignment of new employees to appropriate training.
» Unlimited number of stages and 3 types of tasks to complete. 

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