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Integrate ATS system with emplo. See how the path from recruitment to employee looks like in 5 simple steps.

We are integrating with eRecruiter!

From the very first meeting

Are you using eRecruiter? It is one of the most popular ATS systems in Poland. To facilitate the onboarding of a new employee and streamline related processes, emplo offers its clients integration with eRecruiter. You can create a profile and prepare the employee’s environment even before they officially become a team member.


Remotely, from the office - as you prefer!

Remote recruitment? Until recently, only a small number of companies opted for this approach. Today, for many, it is the only way to maintain process continuity in the organization. Are you looking for ways to streamline this process in your company? We have it for you! Discover the integration capabilities of emplo with systems, including those responsible for recruitment.

From recruitment to emplo in 5 steps

Create a recruitment process in eRecruiter

Find the perfect candidate

Download candidate data via emplo

Create a profile on your platform

Invite the new employee to use emplo!

Why is it worth it?

Minimize the process time!

The integration enables to shorten the time needed to prepare the start of a new employee in the company. You don’t have to manually add each new hire or involve other people. By selecting one of the candidates from an external database, now you can enter their data with just a few clicks!

How does the process work?

See how quickly...

Administrators of emplo, with permissions to a dedicated profile, have access to the database managed by the company’s recruitment. After deciding to hire, simply select the appropriate process and find the candidate on the list.

Integration - check it out, it's worth it!

Shorter process

Shorter process

Shorten the path of adding an employee to just a few clicks. Prevent data-related mistakes and automate the process to the maximum.
Optimize process

Quick deployment without involving the IT team

Quick deployment

Our IT department handles the integration process. You don't have to worry about involving extra people.

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance

Both emplo and the eRecruiter system process data in accordance with the data protection regulation. You can be sure that your and the candidates' data will remain secure.
More benefits

Prepare the environment for a new employee

Ready for new challenges!

Prepare for a new person in the team. Create a profile and ensure implementation before the first day at work. Develop and assign dedicated tasks to the employee to be completed upon joining. Add them to company groups, the onboarding process, or the recruitment process evaluation survey (Candidate Experience).

With the information from the ATS system, you will create a complete profile without the need for additional data verification.

Ensure full employee onboarding

A properly conducted recruitment process is only half of the success. In emplo, we help companies take care of employees from the moment of hiring decision through their entire career path in the organization.

See how to effectively plan employee onboarding with a dedicated.

Discover the benefits of integrating emplo and eRecruiter

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