Internal communication

Automate information flow within the organization. Take care of communication in your company.Reduce the handling time of many internal processes and streamline the work of the entire company.

Lead effective top-down communication

Efficiency starts with internal communication

Employee profiles with a search engine

Do you want to contact a specific person but don’t know their phone number? Do you want to check who their supervisor is or what position they hold? Information about the employee can be quickly found in their individual profile.

Company structure

Do new people join your company? Do employees change positions? Post a clear organizational structure in emplo. Facilitate employees’ faster understanding of who performs specific roles in the organization and what are the relationships between teams, departments, and companies.


Achieve even more by managing efficiency

Implementing emplo is really simple! Our specialists will help you from the very beginning to the instance launch – also during the selection of the appropriate modules that will make up your instance. They are divided into 3 areas: digitalization of processes, internal communication, and efficiency management.

Communication is the most important part for the proper operation of each instance. Modules such as discussion groupscompany news, or employee profiles allow you to create a whole space for further actions on the instance.

Internal communication area includes:

Company news

Post articles and posts that will be available to your colleagues. All the most important information can be found on your wall, just like in popular social media sites.
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Employee profiles

All the most important information about employees at your fingertips. Each emplo user has their own profile that can be filled with key data.

Company structure

With this module, you can check the current organizational structure at any time: direct and matrix supervisors, colleagues, or teams.

Discussion groups

Invite employees to groups where you can send articles, information, and messages. Decide whether it will be a private or public group.
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Is something interesting happening in your organization? Are you planning an integration? Create an event and invite anyone from your company.
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Instant feedback

Did the joint project succeed? Have you established a new cooperation, or perhaps the opposite? Praise or negatively assess a co-worker using this module. The information will appear on their profile.

Streaming wideo

Upload video files in popular formats directly to the platform. Enrich articles, knowledge bases, news, and groups.
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Customize emplo to fit your company's needs. Adapt the login page, email notifications, and instance appearance to match your intranet's style.
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NEW! Say something nice to others! Opt for positive reinforcement by giving a good word in the form of a badge on emplo. Using kudos is easier than you think!
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Coming soon! Own communicator? Yes! Emplo users do not need additional tools. Communicate with others while on emplo! Forget about outdated emails - opt for modern solutions.

Improve communication! Join us!

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