Check your knowledge smartly!

Knowledge test module

Create sheets, prepare tests, modify implementation processes. Ensure the level of knowledge in your company in an automated process.

Question library

Questions in tests often repeat. Don't waste time! Use the question library that you prepare in advance. Select them in appropriate categories to find the right ones even faster.

Intuitive dashboard

Each test has its own dashboard available to the administrator. You can check the test execution status by each assigned person or the best result.

Test creator

The flexible creator allows you to create a sheet that meets all expectations. It enables adding 4 types of questions, time limits and attempts, or passing thresholds.

Knowledge tests? How simple!

4 types of questions

Open, single-choice, multiple-choice, and true/false

Time limit

3 options to choose the number of attempts

Percentage passing threshold

Task delegation

Assign the person responsible for the test and its evaluation.

Ranking of the best results

Individual assignment of question weight

Question mixing function

Test creator

Do it yourself!

The greatest asset of the entire module is an intuitive creator. You don’t need additional tools and systems to easily prepare various types of exams and quizzes for your employees. You can describe it in detail, communicate the objective, or choose the cover image. 4 types of questions allow for creating a precise test sheet. Additionally, you decide on the number of points and weight of each specific question.

Question and test library

Download from the ready-made

Questions and tests have been divided into two dedicated libraries. As a test administrator, you will find the right sheet to assign even faster. The question library is a quick way to add recurring questions to subsequent quizzes and exams.


Always up to date

You can be sure no one will miss the test. Once assigned, the employee will receive a notification on emplo as a task to complete and an email message. You also don’t have to remember reminders – emplo will send out information to the right people a day before the end.

Mobile Application

Complete tasks not only at your desk

Emplo’s mobile app allows people working outside offices, e.g., at sales points or production halls, to use the platform. It enables taking tests on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Take on the positive challenge!

You can use tests not only to identify competency gaps , but also for positive employee development. Want to find out who is the best candidate for promotion? Now you can have a dedicated tool for that! Want to see who embodies the employer branding best in your organization? Create a contest based on a test!

Get inspired and create your own tests

Not every employee uses a desktop computer. To facilitate the onboarding process, for example in workplaces, you can conduct it using a mobile application. All elements of the process can be realized on the employee’s smartphone.

Competence tests

Check how employees cope with the competencies you expect from them. Create a test allowing for team comparison and discover uncut diamonds. Increase efficiency and take care of employee development.

Knowledge Tests

A simple way to test employees' essential knowledge. It will work during the onboarding process and as a cyclical element of employee evaluation. Check the range of theoretical knowledge.

Skills tests

Are you planning a foreign language training? Verify knowledge with a leveling test. You can also prepare such a test when you want to identify a candidate for promotion. See who knows more.

Onboarding tests

See what the training has brought for new employees or prepare a version for individuals supplementing their knowledge in different areas.

Enable the knowledge tests module and enjoy new possibilities

Discover other modules

emplo is a platform consisting of many modules that you can customize according to your company’s needs. Check the rest to get to know and expand the capabilities of your instance.

Goals and Metrics

Manage goals for individual employees or entire teams and organizations. Supervise progress and monitor business development.

» 4 types of achievement criteria.
» Cascading goals covering different structures in the company.
» Goal hierarchy: subordinated and superordinate.

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Company requests and forms

Create any type of request template that you can use in your work. Add comments and approval stages. Forget about paper versions!

» Full automation of the documentation circulation process.
» Ability to multi-stage approve entire requests or their parts.
» 17 ready-to-use templates.

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Knowledge Base

Organize the knowledge your employees need in one place. All information, regulations, or articles at your fingertips.

» 6 articles prepared in advance.
» Ability to add any number of articles.
» Division into private and public databases. 

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