A small big gesture for the culture of the organization

Kudos module

Introduce kudos in the organization! Appreciate other colleagues in an unconventional way with badges.

Flexible creator

You decide how the kudos will look! Funny picture, icon, symbol - decide what suits your organization best!


Check who and when awarded you a badge. The included comment from the awardee will highlight what it was awarded for.

Kudos library

Prepare a set of badges that users can award themselves or use 10 ready examples.

Kudos - a simple way to appreciate

How can I appreciate an employee? Many leaders and managers struggle with this issue. With kudos, the problem solves itself! This non-financial motivation method is increasingly and more commonly used by organizations worldwide. What is most important in kudos? Their daily and public nature. Show your team that you appreciate the work done!

On emplo, you can award kudos in the form of badges. These small images will embellish your platform, but above all, help integrate teams even better!

The digitized formula facilitates communication

More and more companies choose to operate fully remotely or in a hybrid manner. In that case, kudo cards will not fulfill their role. However, this does not mean that you have to give up positive reinforcement! Thanks to the module on emplo, you can also award kudos in dispersed teams, without the need for additional tools!

Kudos library

Reach for a ready-made one!

All the kudos you can give are in the library on emplo. Choose the one that best conveys the words you want to convey to your colleague. Thanks, congratulations, or maybe an encouragement for further action? You decide! Don’t know how to start? Use our 10 ready suggestions!

New Badge Creator

Create your own, unique badges

Are 10 badges not enough? No problem! With the creator, you can prepare your own, individual proposals! Decide on the value (point-wise) of each, how long they are awarded for, and who can award them.

You can prepare separate kudos sets for awarding by interns, specialists, managers, or executives – with different weights, or one common for everyone, to emphasize the importance of each employee to the entire organization!

Employee Profile

See how others are doing!

One of the most important features of kudos is that they are given publicly. All awarded badges are displayed on the user’s profile. You can check how your team or colleagues are doing at any time. Motivate positively!

Point-based Badges

Collect points

Each badge is individually assigned a certain number of points. You decide on their weight. You can give them all the same value or use kudos as part of, for example, a cafeteria system.

This feature also allows you to positively reinforce particularly important traits for the organization’s policy, encouraging further action. The versatility of kudos allows you to use them as needed by the company.

What do kudos bring to your company?

Some may think they are just badges, for us they are MUCH MORE THAN BADGES! Kudos are an effective form of motivation and relationship building that does not require labor or financial expenses. See how in many ways kudos can have a positive impact on your organization:


Strengthens employee motivation to act.  

Feedback Culture

Builds a culture of positive feedback in the organization.

Company Policy

Helps reinforce qualities important for company policy and culture.

Better Relationships

Increases employee engagement by improving interpersonal relationships.

Managment 3.0

Supports the organization in implementing Management 3.0.

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