Corporate social platform

News module

All key information prepared individually for each user in a clear form.

Well-known structure

News displayed in a table format with posted messages are simple and intuitive for users of all ages. Create your own social platform for employees!

Posts and articles

Add short posts with key information or focus on longer articles that you can format as you wish.

Company-wide notifications

Do you have important information for the entire organization? With one click, you can share a post or article on the feed of all users.

Board full of information

Always up to date!

News is a module designed with today’s users in mind. Its layout resembles the familiar News Feed used in many social platforms. The first thing you will notice after logging into emplo – a complete set of necessary information available immediately! The board is filled with articles and posts added by emplo users. It also collects materials shared in other parts of the platform. If any of your colleagues upload new material to the knowledge base or in a group you follow, you will see it on your board!

Curated news

Only content that interests you

In the news section, you will find notifications related only to people in your immediate surroundings. This allows you to avoid information overload in large corporations. Want to convey information to all employees? Just one click!

Posts and articles

Quick note or longer information

Inform that the catering supplier has arrived or about the team’s latest achievement. How? Use a short post! You can add funny emoticons, attachments, and even photos and videos!

Do you want to convey more detailed information, e.g. about a new client, changes in benefit system, or project details? Use an article. It has all the post functions and more! You can format it freely, add a cover image or tags to easily find the text in the future. The draft and preview feature will help you create a fully professional document.

File Embedding

Share news from the world

Do you want to share achievements from your other channels? Or maybe share instructional videos posted on one of the popular websites? With emplo, it’s not a problem! You can add them directly to your article, thanks to the file embedding feature.

Notifications and Updates

What interesting happened in your team?

The Board and News section is where you will also gather all notifications in one place. New person in the company? Welcome them with a nice comment. Did event details change? You will find out about it first from the news! Did a member of your team update their goals? See the status and level of completion without jumping through multiple tabs.

Don't Miss

Add all the most important information about the entire company to the Don't Miss tab. Every employee will definitely see it!

Important Links

We know how important it is to have the necessary information at hand. The Important Links tab is an individual collection of each user, containing all the key links.


Want to read an article but don't have time at the moment? Don't let it slip away. Click save and come back to it at any time!

Mobile Application

Access in Every Situation

The mobile app allows you to use emplo from anywhere in the world. News is one of the modules you will find in your version. This is a great solution for employees who do not have access to a computer. They will find all the important information on their smartphones!

Get to know emplo better

One subscription, more possibilities!

News is one of the modules in the internal communication area, accessible to all emplo users as part of the basic subscription! You don’t have to pay anything extra. Want to learn more details about emplo?

What else can we do for your company?

Expand your company’s capabilities by moving processes and key aspects to the virtual environment. A multifunctional emplo platform will assist you in these endeavors, allowing you to customize it according to your business needs. Choose any modules from the internal communication, process digitalization, and employee development management areas. Check out which modules our clients have chosen…

Corporate requests

Be eco-friendly and move all forms to emplo! Forget about papers and queues for administration - now you can submit all requests with the help of the platform.

» A wide range of permissions for adaptation to the job position level.
» Ability to design multi-stage requests with different approval levels.
» 17 pre-prepared requests + a new request creation wizard.

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A modern way to positively motivate employees! Create a database of badges that employees can award each other.

» Library of 10 ready-to-use badges.
» Custom kudos creator.
» Awarding any points to each kudos.

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Knowledge Tests

Check if your employees have mastered the knowledge needed for their daily tasks. Create tests that you can use in onboarding processes or after training.

» Library of popular questions for various tests.
» Test creator with 4 types of questions to choose from.
» Automatic notifications and reminders for employees.

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