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Onboarding module

Conduct effective onboarding processes in your company. Rely on proven methods and solutions that will help integrate new employees. Create a dedicated path for your organization!

Constant access to information

Are you in the onboarding process? emplo will remind you of the next stages ahead! The most important information is constantly displayed in the “News” section.

Creating custom processes

4 universal types of tasks, which you can distribute wisely over time, will allow you to prepare processes for both juniors and experienced employees in various positions.

Controlled onboarding progress

Is your team or its member participating in the onboarding process? Check at which stage they are. Remind them of tasks to be completed or praise their engagement and prompt completion of tasks.

Conduct onboarding processes more efficiently!

Do you know that 1/3 of employees make the decision to leave within the first 6 months? Over 60% decide to do so within just 90 days of starting work!

Studies indicate that often the poorly conducted onboarding is the cause. The costs of recruiting additional employees are disproportionately high compared to a well-planned induction.

Do not let this issue affect your company as well!

Not just for beginners!

The onboarding module is not just a space on the emplo platform dedicated to new employees. It’s also a way to familiarize with new procedures or reinforce knowledge.

How can I use the module?

Onboarding is a lengthy and demanding process – it can last up to 3 months. Ensure that it is digitized and automated as much as possible, thanks to the onboarding module in emplo!

Check out the new features your platform gains

The module introduces a number of changes and new functions to the emplo instance. This way, onboarding becomes easier to create for responsible persons, but it is also intuitive for newcomers. You don’t have to know emplo to smoothly go through the successive stages of the process.

Notifications in newsfeed

You won't miss any information

You are always up to date! The onboarding module is created primarily with new employees in mind, who are just getting acquainted with new systems. To make it easier to find the dedicated process, after logging into emplo, the employee will immediately notice information about the onboarding process on their dashboard.

Notifications on the profile

Check on your card

You can find all onboarding processes on the employee’s card – both active and completed ones. This is a great way to remind yourself of articles or other valuable information that you acquire during the implementation at a later time.

Dashboard for leaders

Virtual management

Team management is not an easy task, so it is worth streamlining and digitizing related processes. Every person managing a team gains information about their employees. At any time, you can check the stage of the onboarding process for each individual. This is especially useful for remote and hybrid work.

Mobile Application

Mobile onboarding

Not every employee uses a desktop computer. To facilitate the onboarding process, for example in workplaces, you can conduct it using a mobile application. All elements of the process can be realized on the employee’s smartphone.

Introduce vision

The key to success in employer branding is acquainting the employee with aspects such as vision, company culture, or strategy. A person who goes through the onboarding process becomes more engaged and feels a stronger attachment to the company – as a result, you reduce the risk of resignation. With the module in emplo, you will carry out the whole process in a systematic, thoughtful, and effective way.

Mix and match – b-learning

Do you want to implement the blended learning method in your organization? Nothing stands in the way! With emplo and the onboarding module, you will implement it more efficiently or improve existing practices. The intuitive process creation panel allows you to assign dedicated tasks – even those to be done in a traditional form.

Enhance your existing knowledge

The onboarding module can complement already working individuals and be used as a e-learning platform.

How? Just create a dedicated process, for example, to familiarize everyone with a new regulation or an updated sales path. Thanks to the functionalities included, you will create a simple and accessible process that will guide employees through all the novelties, and you or the designated individuals will be kept up to date with progress.

What do you gain by incorporating the onboarding module into your instance?

Discover other modules

emplo is a platform consisting of many modules that you can customize according to your company’s needs. Check the rest to get to know and expand the capabilities of your instance.

Knowledge Base

Prepare a company knowledge base where you can place articles according to planned categories. Decide whether they will be private or public..

» 6 previously prepared articles.
» Ability to embed videos and add photos.
» Own structure and categorization of articles in the knowledge base. 

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Video streaming

Add video files in popular formats directly to the platform. Enrich articles, knowledge bases, messages, and groups.

» No additional servers.
» File security and no risk of access by unauthorized persons.
» Own player.  

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Knowledge Tests

Create your own tests that allow you to check employees' knowledge in various areas. Add them to onboarding processes and more.  

» Simple and flexible test creator.
» Support for onboarding and training processes in companies.
» Test question libraries for easier and faster utilization. 

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