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evaluation module

Periodic evaluation is one of the best ways to gather information about an employee’s development. With the module, you can create any scheme and conduct the whole process more efficiently.

Multisource or traditional evaluation?

With emplo, you can conduct a full 360° evaluation, a 270° evaluation, but also limit it to just the supervisor. Plan the questionnaire scope and automate the adding process, thanks to the structure.

Mixed scales

In the evaluation questionnaire, you can use mixed scales tailored to your needs. This way, you can apply various types of closed and open-ended questions.

Decide who will see what

The questionnaire evaluation in emplo is explicit, however, administrators can fully modify who (employee, supervisor, HR) will see what and at which stage of the evaluation.

Modern feedback

Control? No!
A way for business development!

In emplo, we have created evaluation modules in cooperation with HR research experts and also our clients who daily exploit their potential. Once prepared sheets provide long-term support and allow for the elimination of external companies’ participation, thanks to the full automation of the process.

With the module, you can prepare questionnaires such as:

  • Start – Stop – Continue feedback
  • 1:1 meeting sheets

Eighty percent faster is how the performance review preparation process becomes using the platform, according to our clients.

Automated assessment process

Periodic assessment in a questionnaire format

Periodic assessment on the emplo platform is also known as questionnaire-based. It is built according to the schema prepared by you, including assessment questionnaires and scales, as well as information about stages or the final evaluation. An increasing number of companies are turning to our assessment.

Why? Check:

Organizational structure

Evaluate using the structure

The employee structure is intentionally one of the most important functions in emplo. A well-structured one enables full automation of the periodic assessment creation process. Create your own 90, 180, 270, and 360-degree assessment scheme.

Additionally: You can add your own employee suggestions to any scheme. At Emplo, we understand that collaboration occurs at various levels and often independently of the structure. The complete freedom to add individuals ensures that the evaluation will be even more reliable and accurate.

Decide who will decide on the persons added to the assessment: HR, supervisor, or the employee, whose choice can be verified by the superior.

90° Evaluation

Employee evaluation prepared by the supervisor.

180° Evaluation

2 sources of information: employee and supervisor.

270° Evaluation

The assessment involves: supervisor, colleagues, and employee.

360° Evaluation

Full assessment covering employees, colleagues, subordinates, and superiors.

Assessment Questionnaires

You decide what will be included in the assessment!

Assessment questionnaires, which form the backbone of the entire assessment, provide you with maximum flexibility. An exceptional creator allows for the evaluation of many aspects of work through a single assessment. You can use up to 9 types of questions, including single and multiple-choice questions, dropdown questions, systemic scales, or rankings.

Periodic Assessment Scale

Decide on the assessment method

To be able to assess, you need an appropriate comparative scale. When creating a new questionnaire in emplo, you choose your own scale as you see fit. The platform gives you complete freedom because you are the one building the scale.

Choose one of the four options:

  • Percentage scale
  • Numeric scale
  • Descriptive-percentage scale
  • Descriptive-numeric scale

Questionnaire-Based Assessment Schema

Full control over visibility

The periodic assessment is a transparent evaluation, but you can have control over it. One of the biggest benefits pointed out by our clients is the ability to modify visibility at individual stages. The evaluator can fully decide which information individuals will have access to: both the evaluated person and their superiors or colleagues.

You can create a locked template to obtain the most reliable result or create a fully transparent model where everyone can access others’ responses.

Automatic assessment report of the employee

The report of the periodic assessment is generated automatically. You don’t need to do anything else, just download it when needed. It automatically fills in while completing the form. You can download it as a .PDF file if necessary.

Tasks for employees

Both the employee and their supervisor involved in the assessment will receive a notification in the form of a task on their profile. Everyone will receive tailored tasks at the right moment.

Automatic report for the whole assessment

Want to verify the results of the entire assessment conducted among a group of employees? Use automatic reports containing information on the progress and results. Verify more easily who has already participated in the assessment and who needs to be reminded.

Managerial section

Create a sheet element not available for evaluation employee at any stage. Communicate information confidentially between managers and team leaders.

Assessment final

Summarize the entire assessment clearly. This function enables the supervisor to make a final decision based on the data collected in the questionnaire and the prepared scale.

Final evaluation can be system-supported by suggesting grades based on averaged results.

Final assessment proposal

Each employee has their own opinion that you can use to create a final assessment. Use the proposal function so that those involved in the assessment can also suggest their own proposal.

Mixed assessment

More than just a periodic evaluation...

Do you want to conduct a comprehensive, multi-level employee evaluation? Use the mixed evaluation feature. It is available to all emplo administrators who have at least two evaluation modules running on their platform.

Collect in one sheet the periodic and competency or goal evaluation. You can freely combine them to create the best tool for verifying employee achievements and planning their further development.

How can we improve your work comfort?

Expand your company’s capabilities by moving processes and key aspects to the virtual environment. A multifunctional emplo platform will assist you in these endeavors, allowing you to customize it according to your business needs. Choose any modules from the internal communication, process digitalization, and employee development management areas.

Check out which modules our clients have chosen…


A full and transparent view of salaries in your company for all employees according to established access rights.  

» Preview of team salaries for supervisors.
» History of salary changes for employees.
»Automatic salary reports for the entire organization for HR teams. 

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Company structure

Create the organizational structure in a simple way. Define dependencies and hierarchy.

» Completion of employee development paths after evaluations.
» Possibility to choose specific skills or competencies for development.
» Library of development actions with the ability to allocate budgets.

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Individual Development Plan for Employees

Prepare goal summaries for employees using an automated tool.

» Assessments: 360°, 270°, 180° and 90°.
» Configurable schemes for reuse.
» Parameters for summarizing goals.

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