Match emplo to your company!

Personalization module

Brand image identification is important for every business. In responseto the needs of our clients,we have prepared a personalization module. Stand out your platform and emphasize its affiliation  with the organization. 

Login page modification

It's not just a platform  it's your organization's platform! Decide what employees will see from the moment they log in.

Logo on documents

Do you want the printed reports from emplo to feature your organization's logo? Use the dedicated function of the personalization module!

Custom favicon

Stand out emplo among other tabs. A custom favicon will make it easier to find the platform while using the browser.

Stand out your intranet!

Emphasize your brand in emplo. With the personalization module, you can even better integrate employees with the platform and align it with the intranet. You can add elements from your organization’s brand book. You can now replace the platform’s current logo with your own. All members of the organization will know that they are using a corporate tool.

Straight from emplo!

We continuously adjust the platform to the needs of our users. To streamline the data flow process (not only within the organization), we have modified our requests. With the personalization module, you can add a logo to PDF prints.
If needed, you can print and provide them for external audits or to the authorities – documents will be branded with your organization’s logo.

What does the module introduce new?

The personalization module was created to meet the individual needs of organizations. It allows for even better integration of the emplo platform with the internal intranet and the company’s brand book. 

Logo on the login page

Stand out your intranet!

The company logo will be visible from the moment of login to the instance. With dedicated permissions and a customization module, you can change it whenever necessary. Decide for yourself and choose which symbol your employees will see.

Corporate requests

Print with your own logo!

Company requests are one of the most important modules in emplo. With customization, you can optimize them to suit your company’s needs. All PDF files downloaded from the instance will be marked with your company’s logo.


Organize your tabs

Disorganization creeps in when you have many browser tabs open. Make emplo stand out from the rest. Add your own favicon, which will immediately distinguish itself among others – it can be your logo or a jointly agreed symbol.

Email notifications

Secure communication

In the era of phishing and online fraud, it’s worth ensuring data security. Inform employees not to open messages from unknown sources, and enrich notifications from emplo with the company emblem. This way, everyone can be sure they are opening a secure link.

Why is it worth taking care of the brand image in emplo?

How else can you enrich emplo?

emplo is a platform consisting of many modules that you can customize according to your company’s needs. Check the rest to get to know and expand the capabilities of your instance.

Corporate requests

Create any request template that you can use at work. Add comments and approval stages. Forget about paper versions!

» 17 ready-made corporate request templates.
» Simple and multifunctional request creator.
» Request processing including multi-approval.

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Knowledge Base

Prepare a company knowledge base where you can place articles according to planned categories. Decide whether they will be private or public.

» 6 previously prepared articles.
» Ability to embed videos and add photos.
» Own structure and categorization of articles in the knowledge base.

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Video streaming

Add video files in popular formats directly to the platform. Enrich articles, knowledge bases, messages, and groups.

» No additional servers.
» File security and no risk of access by unauthorized persons.
» Own player.

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