Bring order to documentation

Private document module

Contracts, PIT settlements, and other important letters – now you can find them all in one place on emplo!

Confirmation of sending and reading

The audit function will automatically inform you whether the employee has received or opened the sent document. You have certainty and confirmation!

Bulk file import

Are you sending documents to the entire company? Use bulk import, which will automatically assign files to employees.

Without the risk of losing

Your documents are safe. You do not risk losing or damaging them, as can happen with paper documents or those sent by email. emplo offers you solutions compliant with GDPR.

Manage multiple documents

You can use the module to send various letters. Functionalities on the platform enable data transfer in a fully secure manner.

It will be useful for delivering private documents, as well as other important corporate documents e.g. during remote work.

Add practical tags so that the employee knows immediately which file has been assigned to them.



Information on the employee card

Preview at any time

Employee card in emplo is a collection of all the most important information. Among them, you will also find a tab regarding private documents. You can check the file, information when it was assigned, and related events at any time.

Notifications on the profile

No sheet will escape!

In a pile of emails, it’s easy to overlook the one containing important certificates or confirmations for you or an employee. Notifications on the platform are automatically sent when any document is assigned to the profile.

The assigning person does not have to remember to notify the employee, and the employee will definitely not miss an important letter. Everyone benefits!

Documentation audit

Forget about collecting confirmations

You don’t have to collect confirmations and signatures on long lists with the names of all employees. By sharing them through emplo, you will automatically receive an annotation on the status of the documents.

In the dedicated ‘Audit’ tab, you can check who was assigned the documents, who and when assigned them, and whether the file was downloaded.

Bulk import of documentation

Add documents faster

There are 150 employees in the company, and you have to send PIT to each of them? Formalities related to handing over paper documents, especially in person, can take weeks. The module in emplo allows you to do this in a few minutes.

Dedicated import function enables bulk sending of documentation to employees. By drag and drop, you can add all files. With one click, the system will automatically associate the file with the appropriate profile.

File security

Letters in the right hands

All documentation saved through the module remains secure. The person assigned to the file will be asked to provide the password set for the platform before gaining access. It is necessary both to read and to download the file.

In accordance with the GDPR regulations, you cannot send files containing confidential data via email or other messengers. In emplo, document transfer is done in a secure manner and complies with data protection regulations.

You can be sure: no unauthorized person will have access to confidential data.

Optimize processes in the company

Interested in digitalization in the company? Develop your emplo platform by adding more modules to it. Also, explore areas of internal communication and performance management, to automate and move corporate processes into the virtual world in a short time.

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Knowledge Tests

Check if your employees have mastered the knowledge needed for daily tasks. Create tests that you can use in onboarding processes or after training.

» Library of popular questions for use in various tests.
» Test creator with multiple variables to set.
» Automatic notifications and reminders for employees.

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Approvals and confirmations

Forget about collecting signatures from employees to confirm their familiarization with the regulations or consent to the use of their image. Now you can do it with emplo!

» Versioning of consents.
» Reports on consents per employee and per consent.
» Expressing consents when allocating resources.

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Company news

Post articles and posts that will be available to your colleagues. Stay up to date with everything happening in your company and among your closest coworkers.

» Access to key information immediately after logging in
» "Wall" structure known from popular social media platforms
» Ability to send messages for the entire company to view.

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