Digitalization of processes

Do you know how much time you and your employees waste filling out paper forms? In the age of ubiquitous digitization, opt for a platform that will allow you to transfer all processes to the virtual world.

Manage company processes in a modern way!


Plan automatic document circulation. Eliminate unnecessary filling out of the same documents by replacing them with dedicated forms.

Data security

All collected data is securely stored with a trusted provider on a separate Microsoft Azure Storage account.


emplo allows integration with systems you already use in your company. It works great as a complement to HR and financial programs.


this faster becomes company request submission process using emplo according to customers who use emplo.

Transfer processes to emplo!

Process digitalization is the area that customers most willingly turn to when switching to emplo. It enables the transfer of all key company processes to the virtual world:


Discover the benefits of digitizing company processes

Dedicated emplo modules allow for reducing dozens, or even hundreds of emails that flood all employees on a daily basis. They also enable limiting paper documentation to the essential minimum. Introducing emplo to your company will bring these and many more benefits. More on this topic…

this is how the time for submitting corporate applications has been reduced in Antal.


Choose modules and start digitalization today!

The emplo structure resembles building blocks that you can connect freely. Our elements are modules. Choose which ones are necessary to streamline your business and create a customized HR platform.

Not sure? Contact us – our specialists will advise you on the best module configuration.

In the area of process digitalization you will find:

Company requests and forms

Create any type of application template or use one of 17 ready versions that you can use at work. Add comments and approval stages. Forget about paper versions!
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Manage absences in the company. Create employee calendars, define working hours, and generate reports with just one click.
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Ask any questions in an anonymous or public survey. Create your own template or use ready-made examples.
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Prepare an optimized preboarding process for future employees. Send questionnaires to fill out and welcome messages through emplo.
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Plan the onboarding process for a new employee. Add different types of tasks to be done and monitor the onboarding progress.
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Approvals and confirmations

Forget about paper consents for GDPR and other necessary confirmations. Now you will accept and archive them on emplo.
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Company resources

Check assigned employees, submit applications, and receive or grant appropriate access to materials in a fully digitized way.
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Private documents

Send contracts and tax returns through a practical module. Be sure they won't fall into unauthorized hands.
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NEW! Provide a secure communication channel in compliance with the standards imposed by the EU directive. Don't introduce another tool, choose emplo!
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