Develop talents in the company!

Skills module

Utilize the potential of employees in the company. Show on emplo what you and your team can do, thanks to the skills module. Better manage qualifications and reap more benefits!

Skills report

Are you looking for someone who knows French? Or maybe you need a Python programming specialist? Generate a report on all employees and find the information that interests you.

Confirmed qualifications

Add skills to your profile. emplo users, if they agree with them, can confirm them.

Individual scales

You can evaluate skills according to a scale that you adjust on your own. Create any variations according to business needs.

Skills creator

Corporate and confirmed

The emplo administrator has access to the creator of new proposals, which employees will use on their profiles. It determines not only the name, but also the skills group, description, and scale – thanks to it, you know how to assess efficiency.

Each skill can be marked with additional tags:

It is a company skill

Choose this option if the selected skill is essential for the operation of your organization, e.g. project consultancy or budgeting. People who have confirmed such skills are particularly important for the proper functioning of the business. Maybe it’s time to appreciate them?

It can be a qualification

Check this option if you value confirming skills with the appropriate certificate or document. This is especially important for qualifications that require permits or licenses, e.g. sworn translations or forklift operation.

Employee card

Create your skills database

Every employee can manage their qualifications. Just add all items that they consider to meet. Skills will be displayed on their profile. Want to be credible? Ask the people you work with to confirm your skills. You will see the number of confirmations on your profile next to the name of the qualification.

Skills reports

Full list - one click

Managing skills by HR teams has never been easier. You don’t have to remember every CV of an employee. Use the skills report. Generate a summary for the entire company with just one click. The practical .XML format allows you to quickly find a specific qualification along with information about employees who possess it.

Skills groups

Related items form a whole!

Group skills based on divisions such as soft/hard, general: like interpersonal or tailored to positions held in the organization. This way, you can even more easily organize a series of competencies to facilitate employee selection.

Skill assessment scale

Scoring depends on you

Aby móc oceniać, potrzebujesz adekwatnej skali porównawczej. Tworząc nowe umiejętności w emplo, wybierasz swój sposób wartościowania. 

The platform gives you complete freedom because you build the scale. This way, you can include a variety of skills in the database, and they will always be precisely evaluated – both soft and hard skills.

emplo offers you 12 ready-made scales prepared by an external company specializing in employee assessment. You can also use it for periodic evaluation and competency assessment.

Role Skills in a team

The skills module is a tool that will help you take care of employee development. It allows employees to convey what they offer to the company, and also enables HR teams to manage the greatest value of any organization even better – employees.

Discover talents

The team in which the employee defines skills and their level is a way to show not only trust, but also a way to show themselves in a new light. Who knows, maybe in the sales team there is a hidden IT talent?

Build employee value

A conscious employee of their value is strongly engaged in the company’s development. Show that you appreciate their knowledge and skills by confirming them. Appreciate and create new opportunities.

Grow the company, don't look far

See what you don’t know about your employees yet. When creating a new position, you don’t always have to hire a new person. Check which of the already employed people have the necessary skills and implement them in new tasks. Save time and money needed for recruitment.

Competently fulfilled duties

Competences are a set of factors that allow an employed person to meet our expectations regarding the assigned job. They consist of: skills, attitude and knowledge. With emplo, you can take care of various aspects of employee development.

Check the knowledge base and knowledge tests, module that will help take care of the company’s know-how learning, as well as the competencies themselves.

Periodic employee evaluation

Preparing for evaluation

A well-conducted periodic evaluation is not just about checking employees and their achievements. It is a tool for managing a well-thought-out employee development path. Skills shown on the profile can be used as inspiration for the assessment questionnaire. Use created scales and summarize the employee’s work. You can also ask people who have confirmed the skills for an opinion in the evaluation.

Discover other modules

Create one place that will combine communication, efficiency management, and processes. Choose the appropriate modules and adjust emplo to the needs of the company and its employees. You can add them to your platform at any time.

See what else we can do for you…

Competency Evaluation

Create a harmonious tool together with the competence module. Conduct assessments without the involvement of external companies, tailored to the organization.  

» Evaluations: 360, 270, 180, and 90.
» Fully customizable assessment reports.
» Library of open questions for use in multiple assessments.  

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Knowledge Tests

Develop your own tests to assess employees' knowledge in various areas. Add them to onboarding processes and beyond. 

» Simple and flexible test creation wizard.
» Support for onboarding processes and training in companies.
» Question libraries for easier and faster test creation.  

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Periodic Review

Prepare an optimized performance assessment. Take care of employee development and plan their future using practical assessment materials.

» Assessments: 360+, 360, 270, 180, and 90.
» Automatic reports on employees and assessment progress.
» Questionnaire wizard with 9 types of questions.  

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