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Survey module

Engage employees in the decision-making process, based on their opinions! Create surveys on any topic and improve communication quality and satisfaction in the company.

One-time and cyclical surveys

Conduct one-time surveys among employees, for example with a question about a new office, brand logo selection, or cyclical surveys containing job satisfaction feedback.

Explicit or anonymous responses

Collect honest feedback from employees ensuring full anonymity in surveys. Do you value the opinions of specific individuals? Opt for explicit responses.

Automatic reports

Forget about spending hours tallying survey results. A summary with answers, progress, and respondent information will be automatically prepared for each survey.

Everything you need for survey analysis

What is most important in a survey? The answers given! We have fully automated the process by providing a dedicated summary for each. You can generate a PDF or XML report with a single click to share results with others.

In the summary, you will find all responses along with percentage calculations and the number of respondents. Want to stay up to date on the survey’s progress? Check the creator dashboard to see how many have completed it and how many have not started yet.

Want to know the responses of a specific person? Check the ‘Respondents’ tab. Each survey with explicit responses provides this option to the template creator. Learn about the feelings of individuals and implement appropriate HR actions if the results are not satisfactory.

Public and private surveys

Gather the entire company’s opinion on the new catering by creating a public survey. Interested in assessing job satisfaction among employees belonging to a specific team? Use a private survey and invite the appropriate individuals to respond.

Explicit and anonymous responses

Seek honest feedback on the atmosphere in the company? Not everyone will want to sign their name. In emplo, we have a solution – surveys with anonymous responses. The creator will receive all responses without personal data, while the respondents will maintain full confidentiality.

Survey Templates

Do you regularly use a specific type of surveys? In Emplo, we aim to minimize the time you need to spend on processes and their management. By launching the survey module, you gain access to the function of cyclical forms. You have 4 cycle frequencies at your disposal, in which surveys are automatically sent:

What surveys can you create with the module?

The quantity and type are unlimited. The intuitive creator, to which you gain access, leaves you full freedom in creating. You can choose from up to 19 types of possible questions to include in your survey – including NPS, single and multiple choice matrices, system and descriptive scales, or rankings.

Decide on the number of pages, questions, and the layout of the survey. Add help texts to facilitate filling out forms. Want to get a justified answer? Mark the appropriate checkbox during creation – just like that!

Measure the pulse of the organization

Are you familiar with the pulse check survey? It’s a way to monitor the opinions and engagement of employees at the moment. With the survey module, you can fully automate it.

Select the group of questions you want to ask and use the function of cyclical surveys. Surveys will be sent to the appropriate people with a frequency determined by you.

How about...?

A survey is a tool not only for serious HR research. You can also use it for everyday company life. Inquire about feedback from training or ideas for the next team-building trip. See what others are interested in and choose the best option!

Once you're onboard

Onboarding is effective only when the employee is satisfied with its course. With the survey module, you can extend this process with a stage after the implementation is complete. Create a dedicated form and see how new employees evaluate it. Upgrade, modify, and gain!

Internal crowdsourcing

Who knows the product or service your company is working on the best? The answer is obvious – employees. Use the survey module to implement internal crowdsourcing to bring out the best ideas, gather opinions, or solve existing problems!

Discover other modules

emplo is a multifunctional tool for companies. We offer a variety of solutions in the fields of HR, administration, and more. Find out how you can expand your instance with additional modules. Choose from: internal communication, process digitalization, or employee management and development. Need the functionality of each of them? No problem with emplo!


Introduce a new employee into the organizational structures systematically and harmoniously - step by step

» Process automation.
» User profile notifications.
» 3 types of tasks to be performed.

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Discussion groups

Internal company communication is the key to success. Support it with discussion groups. Choose any topics - related to work, but not only!

» Automatic addition of members to selected groups.
» Private and public groups.
» Ability to add files, articles, and more.

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Knowledge Tests

Create your own tests that allow you to check employees' knowledge in various areas. Add them to onboarding processes and more.

» Simple and flexible test creator.
» Support for onboarding and training processes in companies.
» Test question libraries for easier and faster utilization.

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