Enhance your communication with video!

Video streaming module

Using videos is a way to modernize communication with employees. At emplo, we follow the latest trends and introduce them as new functionalities on your platform.

No additional servers required

You don't need additional space on external drives. You no longer have to use other services or embed files. All materials you add directly go to your instance.

File security

Security is fundamental, so the module is designed to ensure all files are properly protected. You don't have to worry about unauthorized access.

Custom player

The module offers its own dedicated player. Uploaded video files are displayed directly in emplo, without unnecessary switching to other tabs or windows.

Board full of information

How to use video in emplo?

Video in internal communication is a solid foundation for creating a simple and clear communication culture between top management and employees, especially in organizations operating remotely or in a hybrid mode. It enables conveying details to employees that are not always easy to describe.

The system is designed to publish materials in the most popular available formats such as: mov, flv, avi, mp4, mpg.

How can I use the module?

75% of employees prefer video over emails, articles, or reports.


In words and pictures!

Enhance your article with additional content in the form of a video. Are you describing a new training cycle or innovation that you are implementing in the company? Add a video showing step by step all the stages.

Knowledge Base

Create instructional videos

The vast majority of people choose video as a learning format when creating e-learningowych. Now you can move everything to emplo! You can include the video as part of an article or as a separate file in the knowledge base. This method works well during onboarding, as well as when implementing other new processes.

Messages on the board

Deliver the message differently!

Showcase team achievements or introduce a new leader in a way that attracts employees’ attention. With the video streaming module, you can also enrich posts with videos that you can add directly to the platform.

Share with others

Managing a team of people to whom you want to convey the latest news? Add a training video, send a video with interesting personal development materials. You can upload videos to both private and public groups.

Why is it worth including videos in employee communication?

Discover other modules

Create the best place for communication, efficiency management i process automation in one. Choose the right modules and customize emplo to the needs of the company and its employees. You can add them to the platform at any time.

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Introduce a new employee into the organizational structures systematically and harmoniously - step by step

» Process automation.
» User profile notifications.
» 3 types of tasks to be performed.

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Knowledge Tests

Create your own tests that allow you to check employees' knowledge in various areas. Add them to onboarding processes and more.

» Simple and flexible test creator.
» Support for onboarding and training processes in companies.
» Test question libraries for easier and faster utilization.

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Company requests and forms

Create any request template that you can use at work. Add comments and approval stages. Forget about paper versions!

» 17 ready-made corporate request templates.
» Simple and multifunctional request creator.
» Request processing including multi-approval.

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