Ensure the safety of whistleblowers in the organization

Whistleblower module

Prepare for upcoming changes. Implement a secure communication channel for your employees in compliance with the EU directive.

Full anonymity

According to new regulations, the employer is obligated to protect the whistleblower. Full anonymity of reports ensures this for every employee!

In line with the EU directive

The module has been designed with the latest EU requirements contained in Directive (2019/1937) on whistleblowing in mind.

Status verification

Users can verify the status of the report using individual codes. Assure employees of your willingness to help and solve the problem.

Who is the whistleblower?

Whistleblower – also known as a whistleblower, is a person reporting irregularities in the organization. The module in emplo provides a safe and anonymous internal communication channel with the person responsible for receiving and considering such reports in the organization.

Compliance with the EU directive

Don't be caught off guard by regulations!

Until December 17, 2021, all public and state organizations employing over 250 people are required to implement secure reporting channels for whistleblowers in accordance with EU Directive 2019/1937.

Medium-sized enterprises employing 50-249 people have until December 2023 to implement.

The whistleblowing module is an internal reporting channel that offers the required level of security.

Don’t let regulations catch you and your company by surprise! Make changes today!

Reporting Anonymization

Always anonymous and secure

In the concern for the safety of whistleblowers, all reports are submitted fully anonymously. Each employee can access the dedicated system through their emplo account.

The system automatically protects users to prevent connecting a report with a user.

Universal Forms

In every matter

The user has access to a ready-to-use form. Simple and clear, it allows for quickly preparing a notification for any employee. There are 6 different report topics available:

The possibility of attaching files allows to supplement the form with any file that validates the report or shows irregularities in systems or databases.

Report Status

Real-time Information

By submitting a report of irregularities, we want to know at which stage of implementation it is. The dedicated page allows users to quickly verify. If the report is anonymous, how can you check its status? Using an individual code! Simple and anonymous solution for your business!

Unique Report Code

Data? Encrypted!

Each report is marked with a dedicated code. It replaces all user data that reports an irregularity. It also serves as a key that allows an employee to verify the stage at which the report is.

Dedicated accesses

Don't waste time on training!

Handling whistleblower reports is exceptionally simple for emplo users. Responsible individuals gain access to a dedicated administrative panel. Through it, they can update the status of the report and add custom comments.

You don’t have to create separate accounts or modify profiles to provide functionality to the appropriate user – all it takes is one click!

Optimize processes in the company

Are you interested in digitizing your company? Develop the platform by adding more modules to it. Also explore areas of internal communication and efficiency management, to quickly automate and move company processes to the virtual world.

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Private documents

Designed with the purpose of delivering documents without the need for direct contact such as referrals for medical examinations or PIT printouts.

» Mass file import.
» Confirmation of file receipt and download.
» GDPR compliance.

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Publicly congratulate, appreciate, or thank! Introduce a culture of kudos in your organization! This small gesture means a lot!

» Library of 10 ready-made badges.
» Creator for adding custom kudos.
» Information on the profile about received kudos.

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Approvals and confirmations

Never lose forms again! Collect all confirmations and consents in one place on emplo. Quickly, easily, and environmentally friendly!

» Permanent access to archive of all granted consents.
» Confirmation of consent expression.
» Consent versioning

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