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The emplo Support Team quickly respond to our requests connected with any technical difficulties or bugs. They also work towards adopting changes and improvements put forward by our company.

Paulina Leszczyk (Benefit Systems)

The emplo Customer Experience Team listen to their client’s needs and based on their input works towards constantly improving the product. We feel that our voice is listened to and our problems are being quickly solved.

Natalia Mituniewicz (Billennium)

The emplo Customer Experience Team is super helpful. They react very quickly, and if our question cannot be answered instantly, we are always notified as to when this will happen. In more complicated situations that cannot be solved quickly, the Team always suggests optional solutions. I have never been left without a helping hand.

Renata Stradowska (Aliganza Fashion Agency)

We are in constant touch with the emplo Customer Experience Team to settle all questions. Information is conveyed in a very understandable way. The Team is open to our feature requests which are often adopted into the product.

Marta Jurzak (GSU)

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